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Reviews from customers

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These plans are fabulous. I’m a former cabinet maker, the details spelled out in these plans are absolutely priceless. You couldn’t get someone to give you better information on what not to do as well as what to do when building. Highly recommended!

- Zelkova treehouse, November 2020

I studied different plans for a while before I came across these. The level of detail is really good and absolutely worth the price. It saved me a considerable amount of time. The seller has responded promptly to questions I have had and changes I wanted to make.

- Zelkova treehouse, October 2020

If you want to follow directions to build one amazing treehouse, this is money well spent. Thank you. These directions saved us hours, if not days, figuring it out ourselves.

- San Pedro treehouse, August 2020

Very well organized and detailed plans. You do have to keep in mind that trees and terrain vary, but these plans provide great guidance.

- 8'x8' free standing platform, August 2020

Very helpful plans and easy to understand. The list of materials for each section was especially useful.

- Terrazza tree deck, April 2020

I have to admit, it’s an intimidating project, but that’s on me. Everything supplied here is very professional and top notch instructionally. Thank you!!

- Outpost tree fort, June 2019

Great, simple to follow instructions. My kids look forward to having this treehouse built.

- San Pedro treehouse, March 2019

Available within a few minutes of purchase. Easy to understand the plans.

- Savanna bird hide, April 2018

Thank you! Easy, clear, awesome plans!

- Zelkova treehouse, September 2017

I bought the plans for my handyman to help give him guidance on my expectations for the treehouse. He could have built the treehouse without the plans as he has experience as a builder but for the $40 I felt it was worth it to help communicate my expectations. He modified the plan some to make it fit the existing base and to make it easier to build with existing windows and I am pleased with how it turned out.

- San Pedro treehouse, July 2017

Good, solid plans.

- Kauri treehouse, June 2017

My husband has been working with these plans for about six weeks and has made several positive comments about your detailed plans. He's very happy, thank you!

- Zelkova treehouse, May 2015