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From here you can find out what will happen to your details, and the responsibilities of Treehouse Guides and yourself. Treehouse Guides and the Treehouse Guides website are run by Patrick Fulton. 'Treehouse Guides' is a trademark of Treehouse Guides 2001-2024. The content and design of this website are © Patrick Fulton 2001-2024. The content and design of the guides sold and described on this website are also © Patrick Fulton 2001-2024.

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Terms and conditions of purchase

The following terms and conditions must be accepted in order to purchase a guide from Treehouse Guides. Please be aware that you will be legally bound by them if you proceed with a purchase. In the following, 'guide' and 'guides' refer to the plans available for sale from Treehouse Guides ( for the construction of treehouses and similar structures.

These guides are sold as is, with no implied warranties or guarantees, except the limited 28 day satisfaction guarantee.

All guides are copyright 2001-2024 Patrick Fulton and are legally protected by international copyright treaties. They are for individual use only. They may not be used in any commercial application without prior permission or for more than one structure per copy purchased. Download links and digital or physical copies of the guides may not be distributed.

Treehouse Guides accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to person or property as a result of following the instructions in these guides. The builder assumes all responsibility for the safety of persons and property. If in doubt about any of the techniques required, please contact Treehouse Guides or seek professional assistance.

These products are intended to produce structures which will give you many years of use and enjoyment, but you should be aware that they are temporary and must be maintained in safe working order or dismantled as deemed appropriate. It is recommended that you consult with experienced personnel to ensure the safety of your structure.

Anyone with a reasonable level of experience working with wood should be able to follow these plans without problems, but if difficulty arises you should consider it your responsibility to seek appropriate help. Proper safety procedures need to be followed, as detailed in each guide. The application of all safety procedures and structural safety testing will be your responsibility.

Privacy policy

Your personal information will be processed as follows.

Website usage data and cookies

Usage data is collected when you visit the Treehouse Guides website. This is used to track the referring page, search keywords used and page visit lengths using your IP address and a cookie on your computer. The IP address is recorded to separate each visitor record. The cookie allows web analytics software to determine if you have previously visited the site before. Tracking data is not used to contact or individually identify users. All usage data is aggregated to identify general trends and improve the Treehouse Guides website. To prevent any tracking of your visit, you can disable Javascript and cookies in your browser.


Treehouse Guides does not accept advertising or distribute any user information with advertisers.


Communications sent by email will be recorded. Your email address will never be distributed or sold by Treehouse Guides. Treehouse Guides is against spam email, but reserves the right to contact you about essential product information, e.g. items relating to safety or errors in publications.

Contact page

Information submitted through the form on the contact page will be treated in the same way as email (see above). You may specify in your message that you would prefer not to contacted again in the future. This applies to any other forms of communication not mentioned in this document.

Alterations to details stored about you

If you wish to change any information Treehouse Guides has stored about you please contact us.

Term of data storage

Any communication between you and Treehouse Guides will be recorded by Treehouse Guides and will not be distributed to third parties, unless Treehouse Guides is obliged to do so by law. Data will be stored on servers in the USA and the UK.

Payment by credit card (Paypal, Etsy)

Lock symbolCredit card payments for Treehouse Guides products may be made through the secure credit card processing services Paypal or Etsy. These services accept the payment on behalf of Treehouse Guides and your name, email address, and card registration address are forwarded to Treehouse Guides for the purpose of completing your order. Treehouse Guides does not have access to your credit card number (see Privacy statement). Your credit card details are encrypted for security when using these services - check for the lock symbol when you reach the payment page.

When making your purchase, Paypal or Etsy may require you to become a member - this is free and simple and can be ignored once the transaction is complete.

If you have a problem getting any of these services to accept your credit card details please address your concerns to them directly. If you have concerns or questions about the actual guide you are interested in, contact Treehouse Guides.