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Two tree 8'x8' platform with sliding joints

Two tree treehouse platform

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This guide is included if you purchase the Zelkova treehouse

This structure is an 8'x8' platform supported between two trees. It can be used to support the Kauri, San Pedro, and Zelkova treehouses. Using two trees for support has the advantage that the whole platform is unobstructed by the supporting tree(s) and so can be used in its entirety to take advantage of all the internal floor space of your treehouse plan. You can also use this plan as a base for your own treehouse design, provided it is 8'x8' or less and of similar general style to the treehouses listed above.

The guide covers every step of the build with diagrams to illustrate the location of parts and position of bolts. There are no complicated techniques to learn, no difficult joints to master, and all the materials are readily available. A marginless version of the guide is included for ereaders. Help is available by email and a 28 day satisfaction guarantee applies.

This guide is already part of the Zelkova treehouse guide, so if you are building that treehouse you do not need to order this guide separately.

Site requirements

You will need two trees of at least 12" diameter to use this plan. The space between the trees can be a minimum of 10'2" up to a maximum of 15'. Both trees should be within 5° of vertical so that the supports can be correctly attached. The minimum height of the platform is 6' above the ground, due to the height of the supports under the platform.