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San Pedro treehouse Kauri treehouse Zelkova treehouse San Pedro treehouse Kauri treehouse

Simple DIY treehouses

Treehouse Guides produces practical and simple plans to help you build your own treehouse, even if you don't have any previous experience. These treehouse plans are much more than blueprints, covering the individual steps for every part of the structure, along with cutting lists for each section.

  • Each treehouse plan has a full materials list, designed to use readily available materials
  • No special tools are required, and you don't need any previous building experience
  • Major components of the treehouse are assembled at ground level for safety and speed
  • Supports are lifted into position and bolted to the tree
  • Prefabricated panels are lifted into the tree and joined together to assemble the treehouse

Zelkova treehouse from right side

Zelkova treehouse for two trees

Can be built freestanding on posts with the included free plans. A sliding joint system allows the trees to move in the wind without damaging the treehouse. The entire floor area is covered to protect the deck and treehouse from rain.

Kauri one tree tree house from front right

Kauri treehouse for one tree

The tree trunk passes through the deck and is visible through a window from inside the treehouse. This plan features a built-in writing desk with window. Can be built freestanding on posts with the included free plans.

San Pedro one tree tree house plan

A 50 square foot treehouse with window seats and covered balcony. The plans cover every step in detail over 39 pages, allowing the treehouse to be built in around 14 days. The floor is an 8'x8' square to make best use of full size plywood sheets and the tree trunk passes through the middle of the structure as a unique feature.

The treehouse can be built in a single tree, or on posts if you have no suitable trees—plans for this option are included free when you order this guide.

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Alpino children's treehouse

Alpino treehouse for two trees

Plans incorporate a sliding joint, allowing the trees to move without restriction from the treehouse supports. It can also be built with one tree and additional posts. This treehouse is scaled to a size suitable for younger children.

Freestanding Savanna bird hide

Savanna bird hide

A freestanding fort, ideal as a kid's playhouse. Very easy to construct and a great introduction to treehouse building for areas which have no suitable trees. The entrance is up a ladder and through a trapdoor in the floor.

Outpost tree fort for one tree

Outpost tree fort

An open fort designed for young and old alike. The plans are split into sections covering each stage and includes material lists, diagrams and 3D views. Fits in a single tree.

Terrazza tree deck

Terrazza tree deck

Slightly smaller than the Outpost design, this tree deck uses a simpler design to make construction easy and quick, with enough deck space for two chairs.

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